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So many Benefits to sleeping on an adjustable base!


Have you ever looked into purchasing an adjustable base for your bed at home? Or sometimes called adjustable frames – or as my dad says “hospital beds – where you can raise your head up”.


An adjustable base has features such as raising your head while you are laying on the bed – all of the way up so it is like you are sitting in a chair – drinking tea and watching television.  Most of the adjustable bases we offer also have the options to raise your feet and even massage you – Yes, your bed/mattress can give you a vibrating massage. It is truly remarkable.


Some adjustable bases are split – so you can have your head raised, reading a book, while your partner may be ready to sleep and lays flat on their side of the same bed.  If either of you just presses a button, you can raise and lower your heads, raise and lower your feet into some amazingly comfortable positions. One of the pre-sets on the remote is for zero gravity.  This makes you feel weightless, removing all of the pressure from your spine and buttocks.  This weightless feel while sleeping will give you the sleep you need to feel your best the following day.  If you or your partner suffer from acid reflux or snoring, elevating your head position with an adjustable base can help alleviate symptoms that may keep you awake.


An adjustable base is often recommended by doctors when a patient is experiencing back pain.  Here is how it is helpful:


·       Sleeping at an incline relieves

·       The angle supports your back

·       The sleeping position reduces joint compression

·       Sleeping this way prevents unnecessary pressure on your back


Sleeping on an incline


Sleeping on an incline can help relieve back pain by reducing pressure on the spine and promoting better circulation.  An adjustable base can provide the necessary support and elevation to achieve this position comfortably.  It is always a good idea to consult with a medical professional if you’re experiencing back pain or any other health condition.  They can recommend the best sleeping position and provide additin0al guidance on how to manage your symptoms.


At BoxDrop Logan Square, we normally have 5-6 mattress models on display on adjustable bases – from hybrid to memory foam.  Please come on in and see what you think!  Buying an adjustable base together with a mattress in a bundle deal is yet another way to save even more money at BoxDrop!

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